How SERP Builders Helped Gravity Payments Boost Traffic and Conversions

“We have enjoyed and benefited from our relationship with SERP Builders. Not only does the team deliver consistently high-quality written content and optimizations, but they provide key technical and competitive strategy insights that continue to help improve visibility and provide a great experience for our current and prospective merchants.”

– Lawrence Haynes, Brand and Partner Marketing Manager at Gravity Payments.

We started working with Gravity Payments in March 2022, doing a one-off SEO audit, a competitor content analysis, and producing content.

From Q4 2022 onwards, we ramped up our efforts, producing 70+ new SEO-optimized articles and updating 25+ existing articles to date.

We also optimized the website for SEO, implementing various fixes and strategies.

This led to:

  • 225% year-over-year increase in monthly SEO traffic driven by non-brand keywords – and the number is still increasing.
  • 14% increase in website conversions.
  • Nearly 8x(!) increase in website conversion rate – less total traffic, a much higher percentage of buyer focused traffic.

Read on to see how we achieved this.

Image: 225% year-on-year increase in monthly SEO traffic driven by non-brand keywords.


Gravity Payments is known for its $70k “minimum wage”, which drove a lot of traffic to the website’s careers page. In 2021, the website got nearly 2.5 million page views, but only a low percentage of those visitors were small business owners (potential clients).

As such, the vast majority of keywords driving SEO traffic were branded keywords with a low buyer intent.

When a small business owner searched for information related to payment processing, the Gravity website didn’t show up in search engines.

And when visiting the Gravity website directly, they found a lot of content focused on the story of Gravity Payments – but not much content that helped small business owners with their most pressing problems. 

As a result, Gravity wasn’t maximizing its number of conversions and the value of each conversion.

Lawrence Haynes, Brand and Partner Marketing Manager at Gravity Payments, contracted SERP Builders to help attract Gravity’s target audience to the website – and convert them into clients with helpful, on-brand content.

Day one challenges

On Day 1 of our engagement, the Gravity website had hundreds of blog posts where SEO was not a priority – most were written primarily for branding purposes.

While content meant for branding is great, very few pieces of their content were:

  1. SEO-optimized, targeting keywords potential customers search for.
  2. AND helpful to their target audience – small business owners.

Gravity also launched a new version of the website shortly after we started working with them, which brought a few technical SEO challenges along with it.

We took on the job of getting the website in front of the right audience – with the right content.

How we helped

We started our engagement with Gravity by conducting a full SEO audit and building a targeted content strategy.


We did a full SEO audit including keyword research, technical SEO, on-page SEO, a content performance audit, and thorough competitor analyses.

It became clear that they needed to focus on key on-page SEO best practices, such as optimized page titles and internal linking.

Some SEO improvements we implemented throughout the year:

  • Various fixes for technical SEO issues
  • Complete site wide internal linking overhaul
  • Updated meta titles and on-page SEO of key pages
  • Changes to the website structure and site-wide menu navigation

Some examples include:

Example 1: Updates to the site-wide top menu so it links directly to key buyer-focused pages, such as landing pages dedicated to specific target industries.

Example 2: “Weaving” the website together by adding lots of related internal links to each page on the website.

Example 3: Adding author names, author bio pages, published dates, and “last updated” dates to each blog post to improve experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) signals.


Armed with the findings from our SEO competitor analysis, our keyword research, and Gravity/SERP Builders joint brainstorming on how to proceed with content, we settled on a content strategy that would accomplish several things.

  1. First of all, the website needed to address common pain points for Gravity’s target audience.
  1. Payment processing can be complicated, so content that demystifies this subject for small business owners – many of whom lack a technical background – was a necessity.
  1. Gravity’s website should become a knowledge hub for small business owners, positioning Gravity like a friend.
  1. Incorporate SEO into our content strategy – targeting attainable and lucrative keywords in the competitive payment processing space.
  1. Gain authority for key terms in the eyes of Google. We focused heavily on “What” and “How” explainer articles – explaining everything there is to know about payment processing.

To date, we have produced 70+ new articles for Gravity and updated 25+ existing articles – mostly to improve readability and optimize for SEO.

We also removed 40+ existing articles that were neither driving traffic nor converting.

Reading Tip: How to Recover & Grow Traffic with Blog Post Updates.

Image: an excerpt of the content produced by SERP Builders. Check out Nick’s author page on the Gravity website for a full overview.

Image: SEO traffic from content written by SERP Builders – compounding over time.


The payment processing space is very competitive – the industry leaders have a 7-figure marketing budget per year.

With a targeted content strategy and SEO plan, SERP Builders was able to increase website conversions for Gravity Payments.

Our partnership is still ongoing, and we will update this case study in the future.

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