Content Strategy

Get content ideas that resonate with your ideal customers and rank in the SERPs

Tired of hearing about vanity metrics?

Want to get your ideal customers on your website?

Then you’re in the right place.

At SERP Builders, we drive results for fintech companies in a collaborative arrangement. 

We look at personas, ICPs, product documentation, transcripts of your sales calls, conversations in niche communities, and user reviews.

In other words, we really get to know your company and your customers.

Which allows us to answer the following questions:

What makes your customers tick? And what problems are they trying to solve?

How does your product or service solve those problems?

The answers give us a long list of compelling content ideas, and we mix and match to build a content strategy that targets every stage of the buyer’s journey.

What You Get

Six months of content ideas

Competitive market analysis

CMS setup support

Google Analytics support

Content calendar

Here’s how it works:

Talk to us today

Share information about your company and customers with us over a one-hour call.

Get recommendations

Our team generates six months of content ideas for your company.

Give us your thoughts

A member of our team fields any questions about our “prescription.”

Receive a content calendar

Get a schedule of your upcoming content.

Ready to create a content strategy?