How Chargebee Generates Over 140,000 Monthly Organic Visitors

In this website analysis, we look at the power of playing the long game with SEO & content marketing. You will learn about the tactics used by Chargebee to dominate its niche including:

  • How Chargebee owns the “What” of its niche through glossary pages
  • Chargebee’s blogging strategy, targeting long tail keywords
  • The content types Chargebee used to gain hundreds of organic backlinks
  • A clever way to rank for other companies’ brand keywords
  • How your B2B business can use similar tactics for organic traffic growth

Disclaimer: this is an analysis of a website with great SEO and content, in the author’s opinion. SERP Builders has not worked with Chargebee.

What is Chargebee?

Chargebee is a subscription management and recurring billing SaaS platform that offers solutions covering the entire subscription life cycle.

The company was founded in 2011 in Chennai, India by four friends figuring out how to solve a problem. It has since expanded to serving customers all over the world including the US and Europe, and is now a major player in the space.

The platform’s functionality includes subscription management, billing automation, recurring payments, accounting & taxes, customer retention and reporting & analytics.

Chargebee’s organic SEO traffic

According to Ahrefs, Chargebee generates over 140,000 organic visitors per month, with a traffic value estimated at $199,000 per month.

The site is ranking for an estimated 85,400 organic keywords in Google.

Chargebee Ahrefs Stats

Take a look at Chargebee’s organic traffic growth since January 2016, according to Ahrefs:

Chargebee Organic Traffic Trend

The site’s SEO traffic experienced steady growth over the years, and then saw explosive, exponential growth in the last year with no sign of slowing down.

Let’s look at how Chargebee got to this level.

Chargebee owns its niche’s “what is” with glossary pages

Chargebee has an extensive series of glossary pages that rank in the top 3 and/or Google’s featured snippet in the US and India for a wide variety of “definition” and “what is” keywords.

Chargebee Glossaries Rankings

In the glossary section, Chargebee covers all of the major “what is” questions people could possibly have for each of its major product and service categories. This signals topical authority to search engines.

Here is how it looks for the Recurring Billing category:

Chargebee Glossary Screenshot

Each article answers the main question concisely, and also covers any subtopics of interest, internally linking to more detailed blog pages covering each subtopic where appropriate.

Combined, the glossary pages generate 47,000 organic visits per month, roughly 33% of Chargebee’s total organic traffic.

Chargebee uses a blogging strategy to rank for long-tail keywords

In the B2B fintech space, potential clients ask and search for many specific questions. Chargebee addresses these questions in dedicated blog posts.

Chargebee Blog Main Page

The blog is updated several times per week. Not all the blog posts generate organic traffic right away, and some never do. But that’s okay, as similar to major league baseball, the best content marketers – who generate huge ROIs for their own sites or clients – don’t knock it out of the park every time they step up to the plate. 

Chargebee seems to follow the data, creating content around its dream clients’ common pain points. In the process, the subscription management and billing platform has accumulated hundreds of blog posts that contribute to the site’s massive organic traffic numbers.

Chargebee Blog Rankings

Combined, all of Chargebee’s blog posts contribute another 27,800 organic visits per month to the website.

Regularly publishing fresh content is a good SEO best practice for Google. It is a great opportunity to build and maintain topical authority as a brand, as well as target new potential customer segments.

Also do not underestimate the power of regularly updating existing content for SEO performance growth.

Backlink magnet content

Chargebee publishes content that people want to link to, such as its free, ultimate guide on SaaS Pricing Models:

Chargebee Saas Guide

Free guides that provide a wealth of information do a great job attracting backlinks because they provide excellent insights for people researching and writing about the topic.

Another example of backlink magnet content is original research.

Here is an example:

Chargebee Saas Company Study

Journalists and bloggers love statistics they can cite, and they will often credit the provider of the statistic with a backlink in return. Chargebee’s study of 6,452 SaaS companies is no exception.

The above two content pieces alone have earned Chargebee backlinks from over 150 unique referring domains, including organic, dofollow backlinks from several high authority websites such as G2, Process Street and CXL.

Combined with smart internal linking, these backlinks contribute to the authority and Google rankings of the whole website.

Ranking for other companies’ brand keywords through technical documentation

Chargebee has an extensive documentation section on its website that covers technical aspects of its platform, such as feature explanations, payment methods and API integrations.

Chargebe Documentation

Like many B2B solutions, the Chargebee platform can integrate and collaborate with other platforms and apps.

So, having technical documentation that contains explanations on how to set up and install such integrations is useful to Chargebee’s potential and current clients.

Chargebee Docs Rankings

Whether intentional or not, this allows Chargebee to rank on the first page of Google in several countries for other companies’ brand keywords such as Paypal Express, Stripe, PandaDoc and SagePay.

These types of keywords may not always be the most buyer focused keywords, but they do help increase brand awareness for Chargebee and may compel readers to explore the platform further.

How to achieve similar SEO growth for your B2B fintech

Chargebee was founded in 2011 and has over a decade of building brand awareness and creating website authority under its belt.

As mentioned in this analysis, Chargebee’s SEO growth was slow and steady for many years until it started to grow exponentially several years later.

The key takeaway?

SEO and content marketing are long term processes that take years to pay off, if executed well. And in a B2B fintech niche – which is typically very competitive – the key is to not sit idle and to create a dedicated strategy as early as possible.

SERP Builders specializes in content and SEO for B2B fintech businesses like Chargebee. 

Learn about our SEO and content services, or reach out for a tailored strategy that fits your site’s needs.

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